Whether you are a commercial account needing service on dozens of vehicles a month or the owner of a vehicle in a rural area needing only one headlight restored, you will be treated to an uncompromising level of customer service and attention.

Many customers are blown away with the results and in many cases believe that we've replaced them with brand new headlights.


I’m a used car dealer and I get all kinds of guys stopping by my place trying to sell me something. Reid came by one day and pointed out a couple cars on my lot that needed some help with the headlights. No way was I going to pay for the headlights to be fixed! He offered to do one for free, so I said “why not”. I was waiting to see him pull out all the buffing stuff, but he didn’t do any of that. Instead he sprayed on this stuff that made that ugly headlight completely clear. Like new! If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would have said you’re full of it. Now Reid does all my cars to make them look great.

George M.
In the Used Car Biz for 28 Years
Mount Airy, NC

First I want to say thank you for convincing me to try your product. Don’t get me wrong, I was very skeptical about trying it at first but I have to say that when you finished, my car looked like it was straight off the showroom floor. Jeff, thank you so much, I am a believer and have told all my friends about your product with Headlights Made New. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Exodus Property Management, LLC.
S. Eubanks – President

I own a 2001 Infinity and my car is in very good condition, inside and out, with the exception of my headlights which, over the years had gotten a milky haze covering them. I was forced to drive with my high beams on at night just to enable me to see. Then one Sunday afternoon, I met your associate Jeff, who approached me, introduced himself and told me what Headlights Made New could do for my headlights. I decided to have Jeff do my headlights and the difference is amazing. The milky haze is gone and my headlights are like new again! I am thoroughly pleased with the work, which came with a guarantee!! Thanks, Jeff for your professionalism and superior workmanship.

A very happy customer,

Gina S.
Newport News, VA

First let me say thank you for all of service you have provided to my business. The results that you have given me have been hugely helpful (as you said it would) in helping me sell cars over these past few years. I’m truly glad we crossed paths and as you know the results of your restoration efforts have been amazing and it’s truly increased the value of my vehicles. Although I’d like to keep your service all to myself, I have told MANY people about the incredible results you’ve given us and have referred them your way. I look forward to many years of working with you!

Thank You Robin,
Jimmy V.
Stockbridge, GA

We have a 1999 Ford Expedition that we are trying to make last for as long as we can to save money. It has been reliable and still looked great except for the headlights. They were yellow and cloudy and we had a hard time seeing to drive at night and in the rain. My husband bought a highly rated DIY headlight restoration kit. It took him about an hour to get the headlights done with all the sanding and buffing, but the results only lasted for a couple months! We happened to see Mr. Easton restoring someone’s headlights in a local store’s parking lot. Wow, that car’s headlights ended up looking brand new! We had him do our headlights too and they turned out great for how old they are. They stayed clear too! Well worth the money for safe driving.

Lorraine D.
Elkin, NC

I can’t believe the results on the headlights of my 2006 Altima. They are showroom new…again! WOW. Plus you’ve given me a guarantee! I will definitely recommend your service to everyone I know.

A VERY satisfied customer

Rachel M.
Decatur, GA

When I first met Reid and he was telling me about Headlights Made New I have to admit that I was very skeptical at first. I’ve had many people over my 40+ years in business come by and try to sell me on this “gimmick” or that “quick fix”. But after he stopped by several times I decided to let him give me his promised free demo. INCREDIBLE is all I can say!!!! He was not kidding about the results he assured me I would see. He has restored many headlights for me since then and I will use him and Headlights Made New for as long as I’m still in business.

Thanks Reid,

Ron T.
Pilot Mountain, NC

I feel strongly compelled to write you. I own a 2009 Mercedes SL500. My lights were in desperate need of replacement as they had become milky and opaque. It was becoming harder and harder to see at night even with my high beams on. I was preparing to replace the lights at a cost of over $1000 when my friend told me they had seen a vehicle while driving that advertised headlight restoration. I decided to try it as opposed on spending the money on new lights and it turned out to be a VERY good decision. Your technician did an amazing job on restoring my headlights to new condition. I was near speechless at first and almost couldn’t believe my eyes. The best $75.00 I’ve ever spent. I would have spent 2-3 times that much and be elated as well. Truly an amazing product.

Keep up the good work,

Christine W.
Cary, NC


I don’t know how in the heck you do it but the results are incredible. I’m glad I found out about Headlights Made New. My car looks absolutely great.

God bless you,

Tammy P.
Mountain Park, GA




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Made In The USA

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