Our business has and always will be based on an unequaled quality of restorations, customer satisfaction and word of mouth referrals. This business started with one customer and has grown into restoring 100s of headlights each week. Don't be fooled by imitators! Headlights Made New is the Original, Absolute Best and Leader in the Headlight Restoration Industry!

About Us


The Headlight Restoration industry has been sorely in need of a leader and innovator to take the entire industry to the next level in terms of public awareness, professionalism and enhancing public safety. We are proud to accept the challenge at hand and have the expertise, dedication and products to accomplish just that.

Headlights Made New (HMN) was founded in 2006 but the proprietary product and process have been 25 years in the making. The founder’s years of expertise in the auto body restoration industry coupled with a keen sense of experimentation as well as continuously asking “what if” have allowed him to develop our Proprietary Headlight Restoration Product. We currently provide our Proprietary Headlight Restoration Product to our Franchisees for the purpose of restoring polycarbonate headlights all across the country. Our product is applied to 100’s of cars and trucks daily and we back our work by a one year guarantee.

Making a great thing even better, the Eastons tapped Dana’s automotive engineering background to develop a superior 5 component formula that makes HMN’s Proprietary Headlight Restoration Product the only one in the world.


Countless present day inventions and scientific advances have been born as a result of a fortunate accident and our proprietary formula is no different as the following story explains.

Many years ago when Headlights Made New’s founder was at work in his body shop, as he glued a part to the bottom side of a hood, a small drop of material fell onto the vehicle’s headlight. Knowing that it would melt into the plastic lens, he let it dry rather than wipe it off and make a bigger mess. The next morning, he tried to cut it off with a razor blade and realized it was extremely hard, so he decided to leave it alone. Although he didn’t realize it at the time, he had made the initial discovery of the Ultimate Headlight Restoring System. About a week later, the founder dreamt about that little spot of material that had dried to a transparent, extremely tough finish on that headlight. In the following weeks, he had developed a combination of chemicals that was thin enough to apply with a spray gun that dried rock hard and crystal clear. EUREKA!!!!

The founder’s discovery was so amazing that he had to tell the news to someone! He called his daughter and explained how his discovery had taken place. She grew up working with her dad in the auto body business and had firsthand experience with his headlight restoration trials. She exclaimed, “Dad, maybe you have figured it out!” She owned an older Jeep and he asked her to bring it to his shop to let him restore the headlights. Knowing that there was no turning back if this didn’t work, he forged ahead with his discovery. He mixed up the chemicals in a paint gun and sprayed the headlights. When the fog cleared both of them stood there in stunned silence until she excitedly said, “Dad I think you’ve finally figured it out!” His invention worked! As the founder tells the story, “my knees shook and I felt a little dizzy”. Still seeking further confirmation, he tried some old headlights he had and began testing them to see how they would hold up. Over a period of time, he used every possible scenario to prove that the product would fail. Success after success was the results! Indeed, he had figured it out!


We have all experienced things in our lives that we can’t explain or just seem to manifest themselves out of divine intervention. The evolution of HMN falls under that category.

In 2013 Reid and Dana Easton were visited by a minister friend. Knowing that the Eastons were former business owners he inquired about their professional pursuits. As it happens, they had been brainstorming and searching for a couple of years about what type of business to get involved with. Once you have been bitten by the self-employment bug it never really leaves you. During the conversation the friend mentioned to Reid “Have you ever thought about the headlight restoration business?” WHAT? Talk about coming out of left field! Reid had no idea that such a market segment existed, let alone contemplate getting involved in it. Our friend said he had a longtime acquaintance living in New Mexico who was making a very good living in the industry. That visit sowed the seeds of curiosity and as soon as the guest left, Reid went online immediately to start an investigation into the industry. What he discovered was nothing less than life changing. Within 2 weeks the meteoric rise from territory owner to business owner began to unfold.


Is this too good to be true? No, we have a Tiger By The Tail!

HMN is now owned and operated by Reid and Dana Easton. In 2013, Reid purchased a territory of the western portion of North Carolina. Reid was so amazed by how readily accepted the Headlight Restoration service was received by auto resellers and private individuals, that he quickly realized they “had a tiger by the tail”. Within 30 days of the initial purchase they also purchased the rights to both Tennessee and Alabama. Having had numerous discussions with the founder it became apparent that they were brought together by a greater power. It was the perfect situation and timing for both the current owner and the Eastons and it made complete sense for this transition in ownership thus allowing both to pursue what they enjoy. For the Eastons, it is the challenge of business growth and development.  The Easton’s plan for HMN is really quite simple; to standardize and grow the brand through partnering with entrepreneurial minded individuals (Franchisees) and to help them achieve their financial and personal goals and dreams. In addition, the Easton’s objective is to make HMN a leader and innovator in the Headlight Restoration Industry and to expand it to a national level in terms of public awareness and safety.


After buying Headlights Made New, the Eastons kept thinking of ways they could help other people during the ongoing difficult economic times in the US.  They determined that they could have more of an impact by converting the company to a Franchise.  With the incredible help by our attorney firm Bray and Long in Charlotte, NC, we created a new, very affordable Franchise with Headlights Made New, LLC.


This past year we have been working on a new formula for our Professional Headlight Restoration.  Tapping into Dana Easton’s automotive engineering background, we consulted with a chemical scientist to create a far-superior, long-lasting and easy to use formula.  The formula is being tested in an independent laboratory as we speak to prove longevity.  Reid Easton mixes every single batch of our proprietary restoration formula for our dealers.   No other Headlight Restoration company in the United States can say that!




Made In The USA

Made In The USA

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Become An Owner!!